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Last weekend was nice. Friday chilled at lil joes with a crowd , saturday Jesse's Grad party (Hawian skirts and lay's !) and sunday me and my Lady went to Elmvale zoo. After that we went to wasaga and went swimming and then had mexican food in Barrie at this awesome restaurant called Mexicali Rosa's.

Really nice weekend , Love that girl...

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Awesome weekend. Friday night camp out , downtown adventures . Finished off my stomach tatoos in keswick on sunday. Watched a good movie children of men.

I went to the doctors im in worse condition then I thought. I got my meds bounced up too max and got prescribed a new one to go with them.. Possible hospitol visits coming according to doc, I have a follow up in 3 weeks to see how things are goin.
Anyways , Hope everyone is well.

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Everything is going by so fast. Life changes before you can blink.

Im going to the doctors friday , I Haven't been feeling well this week. Actually , I've been terrible.

I hope this weekend is good. Love u guys.

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Uninvited feelings
They come without warning, and they stay too long
I don't wanna feel, and if I run they'll be twice as strong.
I wait for a warning, I'm waiting for some kind of sign,
I try to separate , Try to separate my body from my mind.
I watch the clock as the second hand slowly goes strolling by.

I don't want to feel
When a loved one's time comes to die
I wait for a warning,
I'm waiting for some kind of sign
I try to separate, try to separate my body from my mind.

Cold feelings in the night
You know, this feeling just ain't right.
And though I try I just can't hide
Cold feelings in the night

Yeah I got faith,
But sometimes fear it just weighs too much I don't want to feel,
Cold winds blowin' through me with an icy touch.
I wait for a warning, I'm waiting for some kind of sign.
I try to separate,
Try to separate my body from my mind.

Cold feelings in the night
You know, this feeling just ain't right.
And though I try I just can't hide
Cold feelings in the night

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Im glad I got too see everyone this weekend. It felt really good , I was missin a lot of folks.
Friday bar night was ok , little cold out but none the less good people. Saturday Joe saved the weekend with a killer party , I haven't crushed it like that in a while.Nice too have my sister home for a few days aswell.. Ashley gave us both hair cuts :)

BBQ'd veggie dogs and rolled to the drive in sunday night. I almost wanted to cry when I got there , I hadn't been in probably 10 years.It was such a nostalgic feeling. I played old broken video games that used to make me so happy.The buttons were all sticky , and the screens were dirty and losing color. It made me feel really old ,but was still a happy feeling. There is something about that old building , those old games , that smell , and the old lady at the snack bar ( that you know has worked there the last 30yrs) It's so simple but so special. The movies weren't that great but it didnt even matter. They shoudnt shut down drive in's , movie theatres pity in comparison.

Anyways , Im out have a nice day everyone. -Vax

A bunch of things you might not know about Vax

-I have a titanium rod in my face replacing my upper jaw bone

- I spend WAYY to much time worrying about everyone , how they are feeling and what they are doing.

- I am ridiculously sensitive , and totally wear my heart on my sleeve.

- I spent the majority of my 1st 3 years of life in the hospitol
and also recieved stiches on 7 different occasions , and broke 2 knuckles
( Sitches - Skateboard accident smoked my head , Cut myself with a knife (accident) , Fell on water pipe put tooth through lip , Smoked my head on a cupboard (3 yrs old) and surgery stiches( Jaw surgery , wisdom teeth , plastic surgery on ear (closing my stretch holes)

-I have nasty allergies and Eczema, I had bad asthma but grew out of it.( Fun times !!)

- I have 14 tattoos

- I have never cheated on anyone , never would either. If I give my word I keep it , and I always try to never judge people or take them for granted. I have high moral standards , but never hold a grudge. I have no problems admitting im wrong , or apologizing.

- I have a weak spot for animals ,children , people with special needs or unique challenges

- I want to be a dad one day and get married. ( I want a daughter) :)

= I dont think I'm going to live as long as I would like too

- I have terrible O.C.D. ( I got diagnosed as a child , it's never got any better.) Im medicated for it.

- Im extremely hard to make angry .

Niagra falls

This weekend was amazing. I drove to Niagra falls ( Yes I did ! ) Me and Ash got a hotel and hit the streets.
Such a kool place to visit ...
We hit up Restaurants , Bars , Rippers( I was hammered) , 2 Arcades , The biggest ferris wheel ever ! , We shopped , went on a ride , Went down to the falls and explored everything.

I got a scorpion keychain to replace my old one , Got a sick new hat and went to the biggest value village ever.

Awesome times. Happy guy. Im tired , highway driving can be intense.